G.hn is the name for the upcoming wireline home networking standard developed under the umbrella of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU-T).

The standard is applicable for a broad range of wireline media and specific parameter sets exist for communication over power line, phone line and coaxial cable.

Till now the standard comprises the ITU Recommendations G.9960 (Physical Layer) and G.9961 (Data Link Layer), as well as the Recommendations G9972 (Coexistence) and G.9970 (Transport Architectures).

G.hnem is a project within ITU-T (SG15) that deals with "Home Networking Aspects of Energy Management". The special aim is to derive a narrowband  physical layer/data link layer specification, to be implementable by low cost equipment used in energy management applications. The standard will comprise home network and access network aspects of energy management, and collaborations with related standardization bodies are in place to assure a harmonized upper layer protocol stack with standards like ZigBee/IEEE 802.15.4-2003 and Z-Wave.

The ITU-T G.hn/G.hnem Course outline is as follows:

  1. The Home Networking and Energy Management Standardization Landscape
  2. ITU-T G.hn Deployment Situations and Use Cases
  3. Wireline Propagation Aspects
  4. ITU-T G.hn Key Aspects
  5. ITU-T G.hn Physical Layer
  6. ITU-T G.hn Data Link Layer
  7. ITU-T G.hn Transport Architecture
  8. ITU-T G.hnen Deployment Situations and Use Cases
  9. ITU-T G.hnem Key Aspects
  10. ITU-T G.hnem Physical Layer
  11. ITU-T G.hnem Higher Layer Harmonization
  12. ITU-T G.hn/G.hnem Coexistence

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